Martin Knowles | Owner & Photographer


Martin Knowles is an architectural photographer and Phase One Certified Professional based in downtown Vancouver, BC. Martin’s approach provides effective visual communication fuelled by careful craft and technical savvy. When he discovered the joy of photography and working in the darkroom in grade 8, he also discovered that he had a particular passion for documenting the built and natural environment. This led him to working in large format film and photographing architecture as a creative outlet while studying computing science and fine arts. In 2007, he founded Martin Knowles Photo/Media to serve the design, architectural, and building communities. He’s easy and efficient to work with, always willing to pay special attention to a detail or collaborate with you on location to make your project look even greater.

When he’s not behind a camera, working in Photoshop, making Capture One squeeze the last bit of detail out of an image, or helping clients make the most of their visual imagery, he can be found sailing in the San Juan and Gulf Islands, taking long bicycle rides, or tearing up the floor with other creative folks at local blues, fusion, and swing dance events. 

Susan M. Boyce | Writer

Susan Boyce

Susan began writing Georgie submissions in 1994 and in the past five years alone has seen 65 of her applications achieve gold at local, provincial and national levels. For over 20 years, Susan's articles about BC's building industry have appeared in a diverse range of publications including New Home and Condo Guide, Business in Vancouver, Western Investor, Taste of Life, and many others.


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Vancouver Design Community

We're a sponsor and active member of the Vancouver Design Community. Operating as an affiliate chapter of the IDIBC, the Vancouver Design Community produces events and educational opportunities for designer, architect, supplier, and other allied trades in the local design community to meet and do better work together.

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We have been members of the Homebuilders Association of Vancouver (formerly Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association) since 2008, serving the Vancouver-area residential building and development community. Martin chaired the Suppliers’ Council from 2012 to 2017, and we received Supplier of the Year in 2012, Volunteer of the Year in 2015, and the Marketing Award in 2017.


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We’re a proud in-kind sponsor of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures in recognition of their contribution to the city’s economy, sustainability and culture. You can find Martin behind his camera at most Vancouver Heritage Foundation tours, as well as photographing special projects including the True Colours calendar and continued efforts to promote sustainability through adaptive reuse of heritage buildings.


Although we often scout local projects and run most of our daily errands by bicycle, we are frequent users of Modo, Vancouver’s premiere car sharing co-op. Not only does it keep our fees lower while helping save the environment, we can apply our approach of using exactly the right tools for the job to the transportation we use to get to your job: sometimes a Smart is all we need, and sometimes we need to carry a minivan full of furniture, lighting, and gear.

Our Clients

We work with some of Vancouver's most innovative architecture, interior design, renovation, building, and media firms. Some of our notable clients include:

Jenny Martin Design
Keate & Co. Designers
Kerr Construction
KMBR Architects
Monica Jeffers Interior Design
One SEED Architecture + Interiors
Pacific Property Group
Porte Developments
Polar Developments
Proscenium Architecture + Interiors
Reid Developments
reVision Renovations
South Street Development Group
Symmetry Lighting
Tien Sher Group of Companies
TQ Construction
Universelle Design
Urban Arts Architecture
Vancouver Heritage Foundation
WoodWorks! BC

Aaron Mackenzie-Moore Design
Alair Homes
Alex Voth Design
Blue Grouse Wine Cellars
Britco BOXX Modular
Carol Faan Design
Carscadden Stokes Macdonald Architects
Cosentino Canada
D3 Design
Darwin Construction
David Nairne & Associates
Essence Properties
Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.
Iredale Group Architecture
Hapa Collaborative
Haven Garden Design
Homes and Living Vancouver
Jennifer Dunn Design