We’re big fans of midcentury modern architecture, and it’s always a pleasure to be part of books, exhibitions, and other projects that help some of the last century’s most interesting residential architecture get better appreciated, preserved, and studied.

Locally, the West Van Museum has been doing phenomenal work in preserving this important architectural legacy. Besides running an excellent house tour annually (get your tickets now, it’s coming soon!), they’re also home to the archives of several notable architectural photographers (including Selwyn Pullan and John Fulker), and frequently produce absolutely excellent exhibitions. Protip: when you’re visiting the museum and walking up the narrow back stairs, look at the walls—they have a number of really lovely classic architectural images on permanent display for you to get nose-to-nose with.

Several of Martin’s images of the Sutton Place Residence are currently on display as part of their current exhibition, Design for Living: West Coast Modern Homes Revisited, on display until mid-July. They’re also part of the extensive exhibition catalogue, which weighs in at a solid 150 pages of photos, case studies, and scholarship. It’s well worth picking yourself up a copy at the museum.