It's almost September, and that means: 30 days until the Georgie Awards deadline. Time to get off the beach and get to work on your marketing efforts, eh? Only a few more days like this

There's an old joke that floats around Vancouver: "What do you call five days of sun followed by two days of rain?" "A weekend". Or, if it's this summer: "What do you call three weeks of sun followed by three days of rain?" "Labour Day Weekend". We're supposed to be getting some more dry, sunny weather soon after the long weekend (hooray), but that brings up the question: what if my exterior is done but we're waiting for the light fixture that's on the slow boat from Italy?

That's easy: you let us know that, and we shoot the exterior first, while there's good weather around, and shoot the interior later. We normally charge a bit extra to cover the trip out, but the results are always worth it. You'll get the best of both worlds: an interior that's done and an exterior that's showing in its best light.

It gets better, though: for our awards packages, we can often throw the extra visit in for free, because everyone's on the same deadline and it makes the scheduling easier. Several of our clients are already taking advantage of this, so if you're in the situation of having a perfectly gorgeous exterior and a few bits and pieces to work on on your interior, let us know and we can make that scheduling happen.