Now that was a mouthful of abbreviations, wasn’t it? And if none of it made sense, you can mosy on now and get back to your Boxing Day festivities, shopping, or whatever else you’re doing.

As for the rest of you: you read that right. We’re now offering continuing education courses for those of you who need to get credits—and those of you who are just plain curious.

For Builders:

CPD Course: Ovation Awards Tips and Strategies

It’s Ovation Awards season, and if you want to participate and haven’t gotten around to getting your entries together...well, here’s a gentle nudge to get with the program!

A year ago, our very own writer and photographer, Susan Boyce and Martin Knowles, teamed up with Lynn Harrison from Harrison Marketing and put together a live course for the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association. The GVHBA is presently running a Boxing Week sale on courses on eLearn, giving you 20% off our course and all others. If you’re wanting a good opportunity to bundle up on a quiet winter day with a cozy blanket, a cup of something good, and leftover cookies, we encourage you to go check out: 

Use code BoxingWeek at checkout to get your discount (it’s good until December 31). 

 For Interior Designers and Architects:

Lunch and Learn: Specifying Architectural & Interiors Photography

We’re pleased to offer an IDCEC-accredited and AIBC-accredited 1 hour lunch and learn on Specifying Architectural and Interiors Photography. Have you ever done a photo shoot, had it blow past your wildest dreams for quality, and want to know how to replicate it? Or, gotten photos and wished they were closer to your vision for the project? Or...had a lot of good projects but you’re saying to yourself, “I wish I’d gotten this photographed?”

This CEU is a soup-to-nuts look at specifying architectural and interiors photography: how to choose photography, get it scheduled, get everything prepared onsite, work more effectively with your photographer to get the results you’re after, and share the load with your trades so everyone gets the images they need.

We can schedule this as a free lunch and learn for you and your team if you’re in the Vancouver area. If you’re working on your own, we’ll be presenting this as a lunch event later in the year. Drop us an email or call us and we’ll schedule it up for you!