It’s a week off the Georgie Awards deadline, and we’re completely slammed putting together awards entries for many of our clients’ amazing projects, and it seems too early to be even thinking about the GVHBA Ovation Awards. (What’s that you say? There’s a world after 8:00PM on October 1? Yeah, we don’t believe it either).

Yet here we are, and as some of you know, every year or so Lynn Harrison of Harrison Marketing Resources, our very own Susan M. Boyce, and I get together and present a couple of hours of tips, tricks, traps, and goodies for making stronger entries in our local building awards programs. The course we delivered last year is up on GVHBA’s e-learn, which means you can take it it and get your CPD points on a gray, rainy weekend without even having to move your pet out of the way and get out of your pyjamas. If you register before the end of the day this Monday, September 24, and use code FALL18, you’ll get 20% off this and other courses on e-learn. So, if you need those coveted CPD points and you want to improve your business and your building, go check out the other courses on e-learn as well.

We’ll also do a live, updated version of this course later on once the Ovation Awards call for entries is up. If you want to go to the live course instead, it’s on October 31 over at Schluter in Burnaby. That’s Halloween, so we put together a Halloween-themed marketing blurb…which the GVHBA sadly didn’t use:

Think it’s scary putting together an Ovation Awards entry for your not-so-haunted house? Treat yourself to this course—it’s sure to fill your skull with knowledge. We’ll give you a cradle-to-grave look at the process so you can ghost smoothly through, demystify ‘witch’ categories you should enter, dress your project description up, and give you some good tricks so you’re more likely to end up with a whole bag full of honours at the end of awards night. Give it a boo!

Go register here.