The Georgie Awards finalists are out, and we have more finalists than will fit into a single blog post and still have you be able to read it. So, this year we're spreading it out and highlighting projects over the course of the next few weeks.

We'll start off with one of our Custom Home finalists: JBR Construction's Nelson residence up in West Vancouver, designed by Mcleod Bovell Architects. It's JBR's first time entering the Georgies, and we're always extra proud of projects that win on their builders' first time in. (We often hear things like 'we're not going to bother entering because the usual suspects always win', and we've taken it as one of our missions to put a stop to this thinking, because it's absolutely not true).

This stunning modern house features a number of sweet architectural surprises: first, the best implementation of 'bringing the outside in/bringing the inside out' we've seen in ages. The "deck" extends, fully covered but with a skylight, out of the kitchen and dining room with a set of stacking glass doors that allow you to either completely separate or completely join the two spaces. The cherry on top? A long linear fire feature that visually merges the two spaces and let you actually use the conversation pit outside, even on a depressingly grey and rainy day like today. It gets better: the master bedroom is cantilevered over a pool, and the ensuite features an aperture carefully positioned to let you enjoy the view over the city while case playing with the reflections in the mirrored tile wasn't enough. That's just the start of it. Enjoy!