photoMany of you know that my love of photography and architecture is only matched by...the depth of my caffeine addiction. (And if you don't, well let's just say: don't try calling me before 10am unless you know I'm on location or am heading to a which case I likely already have my latte in hand or have guzzled it before leaving). When I was on my way out to photograph recently up in BC's Northern Interior, the unthinkable happened: my trusty travel mug fell apart, leading me to go hit the nearest Starbucks to replace it as there was no way I was going to be able to run a camera on 4 hours of sleep after a 5am start otherwise. I found this fine stainless tumbler which also comes with a free dry-erase marker, ostensibly for customizing the mug, but I think it's really to remind people like me who've had to suffer through too many early morning meetings about the ideas that can come from that heady miasma of dry-erase marker fumes and fresh coffee. Now you're glad this blog post isn't Scratch and Sniff.

There's one problem with this mug: unlike previous incarnations of the Starbucks 'create-your-own tumbler' mugs, the new mug doesn't come with a paper insert if your taste in customizing runs towards things on paper. There doesn't seem to be one available online either, so there was no choice but to create one. Here it is in PDF format; enjoy! (And if you work for Starbucks: you can redistribute this for the price of a good solid gift card!)

MYO Tumbler Template - PDF