It's always great to see a home feature end up in print, and it's even better when the home feature that ends up in print is one of a series. Thanks to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation (for which we're a proud in-kind sponsor), we're featured in this month's issue of Homes and Living Vancouver:

Homes and Living Vancouver - Feb/Mar 2013


Long one of Victoria's premiere house and lifestyle magazines, they "hopped across the Georgia Strait" last year and now have an edition for the Vancouver market; it's great to see them getting wide distribution and acclaim here. "Once upon a time" is expected to be a regular feature for this year; we have a number of fine heritage houses lined up for publication, so stay tuned (or better yet, go subscribe!).

This particular house may be familiar to some of you: it was on the annual Heritage House Tour in 2011, but as befits heritage houses where the work never seems to be really done, its interior has received a number of sensitive updates and refurbishments since it was on tour "back in the day".