We've been sponsors of the GVHBA Ovation Awards since before they were called that--and in addition to sponsoring the awards, we encourage our GVHBA member clients to enter as they usually do well--often placing as either award winners or finalists in numerous categories. This year, Kerr Construction was one of the lucky winners, with their phenomenal House of Finn Juhl, a.k.a. Alder Crossing, in the highly competitive Best Custom Home $750K-1.5 million category. kerr-alderxing3499  

This intriguing project involved building a residence into a vestigial corner of a commercial complex near Granville Island, and required all sorts of interesting structural and interior design moves to make a space work on a constrained building site with no right angles and a commercial parking garage underneath. We had a great time photographing the space last summer--working with and around all those angles made for some very careful but rewarding photography work, even more so when top-notch midcentury modern revival furniture is involved. At the Ovation Awards gala, Kerr Construction owners Doug and Susan Kerr were lamenting that they haven't gotten around to getting the media coverage that we all think this project ought to have, given both the result and the back-story. As it happens, one of the benefits of having a lot of work out in the news media is having a lot of connections to help people and projects get the coverage they deserve. On the Monday after the Ovations, one of the writers from Canadian Contractor magazine called me up in a last-minute quandary: she needed a project (or projects) for their 'Creative Eye' section, and since we've been able to connect them with projects for Creative Eye on short notice before, she browsed our website and had a couple of ideas as to the sorts of things she was looking for and was hoping we'd be able to help them out. Remembering the conversation from the gala, I suggested Kerr Construction's freshly-awarded project, and after a number of frantic e-mails and a small frenzy of phone calls, she had her story--and the project landed on the cover of the May/June 2014 Canadian Contractor! Check it out: Canadian Contractor Cover