MKPhoto-5015-EditWe're longtime supporters of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation (in fact, I was volunteering for them well before Martin Knowles Photo/Media even existed!), and it's no surprise that having photographed nearly every house tour (and them some) over the better part of the last decade, I have a huge image archive to share with them. This year, they started putting out an email newsletter, and almost every heading image they use is a creative crop from one of my images. I'll talk more about cool cropping tips on this blog later, but suffice it to say: it's always a nifty surprise to see what image they choose and what they do with it.

This is the uncropped version of their newsletter image. Despite the cozy appearance, I photographed this in late summer, with the help of a couple of low-mounted speedlights and a cloudy day. The fire is real, which is a rare treat: normally, we get to Photoshop a roaring fire like that!