I'm more than a little late with the Photo of the Week this week due to New Years' and being on the road, so...apologies. If you're a longtime client of ours, you probably have a small collection of Martin Knowles Photo/Media calendars (and if you haven't gotten yours yet this year, please let us know--chances are, yours is either on the way, or it's instead found its way to the floor in some post office somewhere) For several years running, it was a tradition of sorts to start out with the January photo being either a nifty staircase or a nifty door. Something about either opening a door to a new year or starting the climb from the bottom, or some such. This year's calendar broke with tradition, although there is a visible staircase. you go. This foyer is part of a newly built home on Kelmore Road in Richmond, built by YCW Contracting--whose web site we'd link to if they had one up, which they seem not to yet (but are probably working on it!)