Catching last light at the Staples Residence out in West Vancouver (it's on the end of the south bluff overlooking Horseshoe Bay). The Staples Residence was designed by Bruno Freschi and Erickson/Massey and, I'm told, has recently been sold to new owners. We've been enjoying an unseasonably dry stretch of weather here in Vancouver, which is great for us architectural photographers with clients who need exteriors photographed for the Ovation Awards and end-of-the-year website updates.

This one wasn't for a client, though; it was one from of a whole series of receptions I've been attending and photographing as part of the West Vancouver Museum's series of midcentury modern home openings to go along with their retrospective of local photographic legend Selwyn Pullan. While I don't usually do event photography, I make exceptions for events that also happen to get you into interesting houses and/or put me in contact with other interesting creative types especially of the architecture and design persuasions.

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of the book yet, and you're a fan of midcentury modernism, go buy it--your eyes and your coffee table will thank you. Selwyn Pullan is one of the most faithful photographic scriveners of Vancouver modernism, and his work for years photographing in Western Homes and Living (which you probably know as westernliving these days) is both beautiful in of itself and has been used by some new owners of midcentury homes as a guide for removing "remuddling" and restoring original features (or choosing not to, as the case may be).

Along with the book (available at the museum), there's a whole exhibition of Selwyn Pullan photos on at the museum until December 15, and admission is by donation.