I photographed this sleek, streamlined kitchen while on assignment for Black Press's quarterly bcRenoNation (starts on Page 21) last September. The kitchen was renovated as part of a substantial rework by G. Wilson Construction of a stately but poorly cared for McCarter and Nairne-designed house originally built in 1932 on Point Grey. I'm a regular contributor to RenoNation, which has long been a "win-win" as we get to photograph a huge number of wonderful projects in a tight timescale (it's not uncommon for me to traverse the whole of Metro Vancouver in a couple of days photographing an issue of RenoNation), but it also means that the projects we feature often end up licensing the images after publication (and grabbing a number of outtakes that don't make it into print but are nonetheless useful) to the builders and renovators we feature, and doing future work for them on other projects.