For most of the last year, I've been working with my fellow members of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association's Suppliers Council to put together a pavilion for the upcoming BUILDEX show. Many hands (about 16 suppliers, in this case) make light work, and we're looking forward to unveiling it at the show. Thanks to the amazing work of Jamie Banfield and his team in putting a ridiculously diverse selection of product and services into a coherent whole, the pavilion will feature all sorts of wonderful things, including new products for inside and outside your building, and inside the walls as well. (I'm serious!).

It's hard to believe, but the show is coming up in two weeks--February 15 and 16, to be exact--and we're totally excited about being part of it. If you haven't registered, go register already!

I'll be at the booth most of the Thursday morning, so if you're wandering the tradeshow, make sure to stop by. I'm also planning a 15-minute "fireside chat" on specifying architectural photography. We'll have a wall display of our most recent photo shoots, including many that are finalists in the this year's Georgie Awards and many that were winners in other local building industry awards.