Shoot More, Troubleshoot Less

You know the benefits of shooting tethered: you get a solid preview of your images, a live backup so you don't lose things if your gear fails, and best of all, your art director or client can work with you more effectively on location. But you'd rather be in front of a camera than in front of a computer. Save time and energy on location so you can focus on your shooting and your subject, and less on your tech.

Get A Digital Tech.

Martin Knowles is Western Canada's only Phase One Certified Professional, and is an active Capture One beta tester and occasional Capture One instructor at Vancouver Photo Workshops. He brings a unique combination of solid photography skills as well as software and technical experience to your shoot, allowing you to concentrate on shooting and producing while knowing that your images will be perfectly captured, organized, backed up, and ready for postproduction. He's fluent on Macs and Windows (and Linux variants), Capture One, Lightroom, and Photoshop...and if what you need can't be done in your tools of choice, he's not averse to whipping up a little script to get the job done.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Martin is available for onsite digital tech services in Vancouver and anywhere else in Canada and the US.


Full day (10 hours): CAD$550
Overtime: CAD$90/hr
Ground Travel (outside 30km radius of downtown Vancouver): $0.45/km + hours