It's as reliable as flipping the calendar to a new page: just as we finish congratulating our clients for winning awards last season, it's time once again to get another awards season under way.

We'll start with kudos to a couple of our architect clients. First up is Proscenium Architecture + Interiors, for the heritage restoration and bell spire addition at Christ Church Cathedral. Proscenium brought home an AIBC Special Jury Award at the Architectural Institute of BC's annual awards, as well as a City of Vancouver Heritage Award, carrying on a fine tradition as the 2004 renovation phase at Christ Church was also similarly awarded by the City over a decade ago. We were involved in both the construction progress and final photographs of this project (on both the 2004--before I was photographing full time--and 2017 renovations!). Check out the video if you're curious.

Christ Church Cathedral AIBC Awards

The BC Wood Awards are always a particular favourite, and we've had several projects win over the past few years. We get to add another to the pantheon: Urban Arts's Engineering Student Centre at UBC.

Our clients made a fantastic showing in the GVHBA Ovation Awards, with many of our finalists making it into the winner's circle.

First off, first-time entrant Mulberry Property Group's Eyremount made a solid showing, including in the Best Kitchen category...with their three-part kitchen that I'd love to cook in:

Mulberry Properties kitchen british properties eyremount


Congratulations to first-time entrant Saint Construction's stunningly modern Ross Street, bringing home the Best Renovation $400-$699K Ovation:

Vancouver Modern Wood Renovation

Hayer's Summit led off the Best Townhouse/Rowhome Development - Production > 1,500 Sq Ft and the Shaw Viewer's Choice Award:

Hayer Summit Langley Townhouse Ovation Georgie

Project Mint, another first-time entrant, got to take home an award in both hands as well this year, with their Pender Duplex getting honours in Best Townhouse/Rowhome Development - Infill, and Best New Kitchen Under $50,000, with a tip of the hat and an additional award to...another first-time entrant, Designs by Katerina and Silvie, for the fantastic kitchen:

East Vancouver Modern Kitchen Georgie Ovation

We often hear the excuse "we're not going to bother entering because 'the usual suspects' always win". We say: bollocks! This year, all of our first-time entrants did well--in fact, almost all of the projects Susan Boyce and I worked on in last year's awards season came in as finalists and/or winners in one or (often) more local awards programs. Sure, 'the usual suspects' do well, but that's because they enter all the time, and you can win as well if you enter!