Sometimes award seasons get off to a slow start. This isn't one of them, particularly if you're an interior designer or builder. The IDIBC, PIDIM, and IDA are all running design awards at the moment. For builders and renovators, the Georgie Awards requirements are out, and you'll be able to enter beginning early July.

So many design awards. So little time. many opportunities to win and get good PR! You can't win if you don't enter, and the only way to become an award-winning designer, builder, or architect is to win awards.

What to do? Take advantage of the opportunities to make your entry succeed, of course! And there are several ways to do just that:

The Georgie Webinar: Steps to Success

On Thursday, June 22 at 10am, writer Susan Boyce and I are presenting a webinar: Georgie Awards: Steps to Success. We'll break down the process and give you a roadmap (heck, a whole cruising guide!) full of local knowledge, tips, things to think about, and ways to streamline your entry. We've aimed it towards builders and renovators, but those of you entering interior design and architecture awards will probably find lots of good things to learn as well.

You're probably thinking: "I hate webinars! They're all 10 minutes of good information and 40 minutes of pitch". Me too--which is why this webinar won't be that! We promise no more than 10 minutes of pitch, if that. So sign up, get your notepad, and prepare to have a good plan for moving ahead.

Awards Roadmap

Almost all building and design industry awards have common requirements: there's usually a set of written statements, a number of photos, some forms, and some prep work. If it's your first time putting together an awards entry, this can be a bit daunting. We feel your pain, and we're here to help...yes, we've seen those short deadlines, specific requirements, the rush to get that half-dozen perfect photos together, and not to mention the terror of a blank page that has to be filled with 300-some words of goodness. All of which you're of course having to do when you have designs to finish, people to call, problems to solve. 

Susan and I have put together a guide to help work you through the process, and you can download it for free. Check it out!