It's that time of year. Yes, you guessed it: calendar time! If you've worked with us in the past couple of years, yours will be on the way soon. If you've never received one before and you'd like one, please let us know so we can get one to you. We're continuing with our well-loved "tall and skinny" format that our clients and friends tell us is the Right Size for Everything--it will fit perfectly on the end of any 2x6-framed partition wall, in your cubicle, on the A-pillar of most construction vehicles, in a binder with room to spare, or plenty of other places.

Big shout-out to Victoreric Design Group, Jenny Martin Design, VisionBuilt, Allen + Maurer Architecture, Stephanie Robb Architecture, David Nairne and Associates, and DGBK Architects (via the West Van Museum), for the cool projects to photograph over the course of the year.