I photograph a lot of projects for a lot of clients. I shoot, edit, hand off the images, and like a bird sent off to fly on its own, sometimes I never see them again in use. Other times, I come back some months later and just when I'm not expecting it…"hey, that looks like one of my photos!" And sure enough, it is.

This happened with this month's issue of Canadian Architect. Given the high profile of the very small space, my photos of Bruce Carscadden Architects' Burns Block Micro Lofts have been widely reproduced, and it's not uncommon for someone to write an article about micro-loft living and for one or more of my photos to accompany it. Kudos to DIALOG's Bruce Haden for a good piece of work. Check it out in the January issue.

Sometimes "late surprises" happen with editorial content as well. Last year, I submitted an article for MediaEdge's Design Quarterly on photographing projects, based roughly on my talk a year past at BUILDEX on construction, real estate, and architectural photography. Design Quarterly was at the time in the throes of redesigning their website, so I blasted it off to them and then promptly moved onto other projects. Since Design Quarterly is one of the sponsors of BUILDEX, I thought "hmm…wonder what happened to that article?" And sure enough, up on their website, there it was!

Picture Perfect Projects

And on that note, I'm hoping to see you all at BUILDEX in a couple of weeks! We won't be exhibiting this year, but I will be at both the Interior Design and Architecture keynotes, and the opening networking event. Looking forward to catching up.