BCA - Vancouver Wreck Beach WashroomsThis past weekend featured some uncharacteristically hot sunny weather, which was great for long bike rides, photographing Vancouver landscapes and exteriors, or...sunning yourself au naturel on Wreck Beach. If your weekend included the latter activity, you might well have taken the opportunity for a pit stop (literally!) at the washroom facilities at left, designed by none other than one of our favourite architect clients, Bruce Carscadden Architecture. Bruce Carscadden's public facilities, many of which we've photographed, have won the firm all sorts of well-deserved accolades (including the Lieutenant Governor General's Award for Architecture a few years back). 

While this particular project finished too late to make it into the book, several other projects we've photographed for Bruce Carscadden, including Renfrew Community Centre, Kensington Park and Robert Burnaby Park Washrooms, and a wonderful house in Dunbar labeled 'Private Residence' (which I sadly wasn't able to photograph in its final form after construction) are featured in their new monograph, Carscadden Thrift, released at Vancouver Special last Thursday. It's an appropriate title as many of Bruce Carscadden's projects involve solid, durable, aesthetically pleasing and (yes) thrifty materials that respond well to site and the constraints of their usage and environment. The monograph is very much an "architect's architectural book": it's heavy on images and plans, and light on critical theory fluff.  If you haven't yet gotten your copy, hie-tail it over to Vancouver Special and go buy one.