Ovation Award photoWe've been proud sponsors of the GVHBA's Ovation Awards program since the beginning (when it was still called the renOVATION Awards). It's a marvelous program that provides local builders and renovators with good exposure, and a Greater Vancouver-centric version of the provincial CHBA Georgie Awards. As with most awards programs, it's also a really good "kick in the pants" if you've been procrastinating on getting your projects photographed, because there's a hard deadline--and once you've had your project photographed, you can use the images on your website, in PR materials, and in other awards programs.

The Ovations isn't just a fine awards program: as many local builders know, the GVHBA can throw an excellent party as well! The awards gala was last Saturday, and since we were the official photographers, we not only got to celebrate with good food and champagne, but we got to celebrate from behind the camera as well. Check out our Ovation 2013 gala photos -- feel free to share your success on social media (please give us a photo credit if you use our images), and if you want high-resolution images for your media releases or "brag wall", drop us a note.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists that made the night such a great success! And last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to our capable assistants Valerie and André for producing photos of the winners during the ceremony in a wickedly tight timeframe.