It's official: two months left to the Georgie Awards deadline on Sept 30. Two months, folks. While that sounds like a long time out (it's in late September, and, well, it's BBQ and fireworks on the beach season still!), that's coming sooner than you think. I've been photographing an increasing number of projects for my clients' Georgie Awards submissions, and a tip of the hat (or the lens hood, as the case may be...) goes to those of you who are not waiting until the last minute. For this, we salute you. With better images, a bit more sage advice on location and otherwise, and lower rates, of course. As a number of you know, I'm a big jazz and blues fan, and I recently made a last-chance-before-Georgie-Season trip down to Portland for the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. I happened to be listening to a bunch of tracks I bought from the festival artists, and a great arrangement of Georgia On My Mind came on as I hit the 'process 68 images, two versions' button on Capture One. While waiting for the images to process, I put this little parody together, in honour of all of you who are also facing down the Georgie deadline:

Georgie, Georgie The whole summer through Just a hard deadline Keeps Georgie on my mind

I’d love a Georgie, Georgie A gold statue Comes as sweet and clear As moonlight through the pines

Other awards reach out to me Ovations start will soon to be Still in my fitful dreams I see The work leads back to you

I said, Georgie, oh Georgie No peace I find A September deadline Keeps Georgie on my mind