Is there anyone out there in the design world who's not yet familiar with Houzz? If you're one of the few who wasn't until I mentioned it, go check it out: it's Pinterest for residential interior design, with discussion groups, a lot of really good (and sometimes not-so-good) photography of interesting residential goodness. In addition to lots of project photos, Houzz publishes a lot of useful editorials. A few weeks ago, this one crossed our email box, and it hits the nail completely on the head: How to Hire and Architectural Photographer. This readable little primer talks about a number of things we often talk to our prospective clients about: including the differences between photographing for architecture and real estate, what to expect when we're on site, the importance of hiring someone who specializes in the built environment (yep, we do both real estate and architecture and love both--but let us know what you need), and other important things. Worth a read.


As you might guess, we have a profile on Houzz as well, with a goodly number of projects. Check out our Houzz profile, and if you're one of our clients on Houzz with a project we've photographed, let us know so we can link to you.