Architectural photography can be a bit of a seasonal pursuit: we rely on projects being finished, and the run from the end of January when we finish up shooting people's Ovation Awards to late March, when the weather starts getting predictably decent again, tends to be slow going as far as onsite work is concerned. However, that has its blessings: it's tradeshow season, so while we're waiting for our clients' projects to be finished up and landscaping to grow in, it's prime time for us to get the word out and catch up with a lot of you. Between Buildex, the IDIBC Vancouver Island DesignEx, and several GVHBA tabletop shows, our new tradeshow display got a workout--and while there isn't a lot of 4K video out there, when you shoot your originals in medium format as we largely do, the results on a 4K screen are stunning.

This also gave us a great opportunity to showcase some of the award-winning work of our clients from the past year. It's been a banner year for our clients getting awards--our clients had about 16 finalist entries in the Georgie Awards, and 4 took home hardware at the end of the night. The Ovation Awards are in another week, and given how many of our clients are in the finals for the Ovations, we're hoping to see many of you there as well.

And finally...welcome to our newly relaunched website! Our previous website served us well for four years, which is a near eternity in web terms. We've taken the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning as well as putting up a lot of new projects. If you're a current client and you're looking for your images to download, be aware that we've moved our client site around, so please drop us a note if you're needing to download images older than the last few weeks and are now getting errors.