Ahh, the joys of late summer and early fall. Excellent sunsets, the start of fall colour, and...flies! We've inadvertently captured two of the little buggers in photos over the last month. The first one was spotted by the eagle-eyed, detail-oriented folks at TQ Construction. Can you see it in the preview image we sent them?

Spot the fly!

This was the very last photo of a long day's quick-turn-around shoot of small projects we did for them that became affectionately known as the "Terrific TQ Tri-Cities Trifecta", so we missed it completely until they noted in their editing instructions "there is a fly on the windowsill, please remove this photo-friendly insect". No flies on them, apparently! The final version:



The next one I spotted was in an edit this morning for Monica Jeffers Interior Design, of her uber-cool lobby for the Coast Hotel on Marine Drive. Noticed a little dot, and zoomed in on it...



...and there it was. The winged beast in all its glory--before being virtually swatted with the clone brush.beast

And to put the obligatory disclaimer on: no flies were actually harmed in the production of either of these images.