It takes a village...of trades, suppliers, consultants, and other expertise to build a great project. And the work of all of those people contributes to making a great project exceptional. Everyone takes pride in a job well done, so why not share your costs of photography with everyone on your project as well?

Right...because that's a lot of work you probably don't want to deal with right at the end of the project. We get it.

That's why we're introducing the Contributor Program. The Contributor Program makes it easier to share the costs of your photography, make sure your trades and suppliers get photos of their work as well, and share the costs of photography fairly across all parties--because while an architect might need five images, the builder might need ten for a contest, the flooring supplier needs two images, and the interior designer might want twenty. Our pricing has always made that possible, but we're taking it one step further.

To participate, all you need to do is share your supplier contact list with us when your project is complete and we're setting up photography. We'll make contact with as many as we can (and you're comfortable with), and do all the legwork to get people on board. Do you have a project that we've recently photographed where you have suppliers interested after the shoot? We can work with that as well, and you'll get a discount on the next project we photograph.

Check out our infographic on how it all works, and on your next project, involve your suppliers early on!