Yes, I successfully passed my Phase One Certified Professional training from last week (which, naturally, includes a bunch of really cool Capture One tricks). And no, I did not, I repeat, not go on a tour of Hugh Kaptur-designed homes in Palm Springs just for the sole purpose of cracking the pun that appears as the title of this blog post. Yeah, right, you're saying.

OK, fine. Enough of that, and on with the photos.


This was a curious tour, since it was largely tract homes (and one that's more in keeping with Kaptur's commercial work). Much like the Vancouver Heritage Foundation's Vancouver Special tour, when everything is a similar housing typology on a similar plan, the fun becomes sussing out differences in renovation, planning, and interior design practice. There were two (and possibly three, depending on how you count) duplicated plans in this tour, as well as several unique places. I had a clear favourite, and you can probably guess which one it is (the walls and the kitchen give it away). Dangerously, that particularly notable place is for sale...for the ridiculously cheap (at least by Vancouver standards) price of $459,000.