Palm Springs Modernism Week, besides having a lot of events on its own, has several "sidecar" events, including an art show, midcentury fashion shows, a classic renovated Airstream trailer show (that's Saturday, and I might just take a look at it...for the joy of photographing in really teeny spaces), and a classic car show. When I was wandering over to a furniture/accessories tradeshow just to satisfy my curiosity, I stumbled upon the car show. I'm normally not one to appreciate many aspects of car culture. However, just like people who own heritage houses, I was impressed with the level of detail, care, and love people put into restoring these classics...from the era when efficiency wasn't the paramount concern, and cars could be legitimately viewed as sculpture on four wheels. So, here's the whole show in one collage. You'll probably want to click to zoom. Palm Springs Modernism Week Car Show - in one image